For all people in the world,
Wish them summers, winters cold!
Health, happyness and great sex,
With regards by HEMENDEX!

About me... 
My identification card (also called the 'citizenship card') contains my two dimensional photographic form under which the name Martin Tuzinsky is printed in bold and shiny letters. From this, I deduce this name to be my real and official mark of being the citizen of Slovakia. The first double digit of my birth number (75) shows the year my irrelevant self came into this world. After all the mathematical and astrological calculations, the age of my existence is turning out to be thirty. I spent most of my life living in a nice little town called Zvolen, which is located in the middle of Slovakia. My school years were spent in the Capital of Slovakia - Bratislava (or as we call it - Blava). In the past few years, my weekends mostly involved travelling around Slovakia with my soccer team. Now a day, I tend to sit in my office and work as a computer graphics designer for a seven-employee company, Koprint. We are a very creative bunch :-)

Talking about my hobbies, I take myself as a passive cyclist and active soccer player. In soccer, my respected position is the one of a goalkeeper. I tend to spend my time defending the goal that is either on grass, wooden floor or asphalt and keeping company to my other fifteen co-players.
One thing I find really beautiful is finding out the great beauties of Slovakia. Very sadly, I don't get a lot of time for that as my work and soccer take a large majority of my free time. 
Another great hobby of mine is radio station searching. Sometimes I get carried away and dream an unreal dream of having my own show on the radio. And my biggest wish can only be to go to bed every single night and have a clean mind and clean teeth...
Still pretty young, relatively single, looking at the world from 196 centimetres and from the new trend, always mobile and reachable on +421 905 220619. This is my very short autobiography :-)

As I prefer not to sit in an uncomfortable position on my couch, I tend to travel around the world. Here I'm adding some of my authentic photos from my trips to the Milky Way. (Click on the pictures to enlarge - sorry, only in slovak language, now)

I'm a workaholic by nature so I decided to get you closer to the work I do every day. I was working at Erland since 1998 and now I am in company Koprint. Here are some photos from the my old company. Everything is in separate archives. Check out PHOTOS - Work and the newest ones are in PHOTOS - Work 2 and a PHOTOS - Work 3 (2004) .
As I'm also a very social person, I decided to include few photos from my family album. Family photos, Family photos 2 (2004) and Family photos 3 (2004).
By some special miracle, my brother ended up finishing his University degree and actually graduated. Here are some photos from his graduation. PHOTOS - Graduation. More photos is HERE.


Webs from my comp

This is web presentations from my production. (only in slovak)
More my webs are
THERE. and (the new websites - 2005)

Milanium of Milan Malov

Soccer of december 26TH

Martin Tužinský 1999 (off)

  Zvolen - City of my life, now.
This is draft of Zvolen’s city web. Abortive... :-(

My ex-induction (jpg)

 My email: or ICQ: 125049607

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